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Mind's Eye Training and Resources

Since 2018, RCDC (formerly AphantasiaMeow) has worked with dozens of people on unlocking more of their mental imagery potential.

With a 90+% success rate within my coaching program, I'm excited to share my methods with you.

Psionics and Intuition Training

RCDC's founder, Alec Figueroa, has delved into the concepts of psionic phenomena since 2009. With over 13 years of development and personal experience, we provide a unique approach to developing these skills.

These things being such a common human experience, it's time to put them to the test of scientific scrutiny. And it starts with you!

Custom Exercises

The exercises within my programs were created by me, and are especially meant to help you generate and recognize mental imagery/psionic ability. Whether you're quite experienced, or just starting out, these courses are for you.

Downloadable Resources

In addition to the video lessons included in these courses, you'll also find downloadable resources such as: fillable journal sheets, homework suggestions, recap documents, and questionnaires that help you to measure personal progress.

Proven Systems

Over the past 5 years, I have refined my programs over and over, discovering what works for people and what doesn't. So what you're getting here are only the most effective practices when it comes to developing these skills.

Welcome to RCDC

My Name is Alec

I'm honored to have you here! Back in 2018, I tried an experiment with a family member where we attempted to generate mind's eye activity within her, an experience she had never had up until that point. Long story short, the experiment was a success. Since then, I've been working with individuals and creating a practice around these concepts, and have spent much full-time energy and effort in developing a program which helps people experience more vivid visualizations.

Whether you're experiencing aphantasia (lack of a mind's eye), or weak mental imagery, or would just like to increase what mind's eye you do have, my programs are specially designed to take your visualizations to the next level.